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Marketing Mistake #10: You Let Past Buyers and Customers Get Away

This is Marketing Mistake #10 of 15. The human response after you lose an account is to assume the worst. There is a tendency to avoid all future contact because you think that the people you were once servicing or working with don’t like you anymore. You automatically feel you did something wrong.

Foolish you. In all probability the reason they terminated a business-relationship with you is because you stopped paying attention to them. Yes, it could be (and probably was) as simple as that.

Regardless of your “reasons,” or the way you feel today, why not make an attempt to contact former clients and find out what their current status is? Don’t procrastinate on this one. I want you to go back as soon as you can. That is not clear enough. I want you to contact all past clients within the next seven days. Now that is a challenge worth considering.

I can almost hear you asking now. Having made contact what will you say to them without sounding hungry, manipulative or too aggressive?

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Take the high, honest road. Say you are sorry – that you have allowed so much time to slip by. Apologize for taking so long to contact them again. Tell them that for whatever reason they decided to move on without you, that you plan to address their concerns and provide them with an updated superior personal service. Be sincere.

And then ask for another opportunity to work prove yourself.
Tell me this: What have you got to lose?

These “profitable” ex-clients will remain yesterday’s news unless you do something about it. You are leaving money on the table at the cost of reviving solid relationships with good people that you already know.

Think about it. There is very little downside to this challenging “assignment.” What are you waiting for? Renew those relationships today. After all, you never did anything wrong.


Mike Marchev

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