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Marketing Mistake #14: You Don’t Use “What’s Next?’ Thinking

This is the second to last reminder in our mistake avoidance campaign. I told you they could not be confused as rocket science. They all will serve you well as game-changing reminders when you find yourself slipping into a mediocre, sloppy, lazy frame of mind.

Today’s reminder warns us of the danger of treating each marketing tactic as an end to itself. You see every piece of the business puzzle has a next step… or should have.

Here is a simple example, and I hope it will make sense to you.

You see a honeymoon package as a honeymoon package and you treat it as such. This is a mistake. This is an example of shortsightedness. You are short-changing yourself big time.

I see the initial honeymoon as the first step in an Eight-Step Selling Sequence.

  • Step 2 is a future vacation package.
  • Step 3 is a ten-year anniversary package.
  • Step 4 is another vacation package.
  • Step 5 is a 20-year anniversary package.
  • Step 6 is… a vacation package.
  • Step 7 is a trip back to the homeland.
  • Step 8 is a 50-year anniversary.


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As long as the couple remains healthy, and you perform your duties as the creative professional I think you are, you may very well be planning for their centennial beer bash. And while I still have you, there might be need for some planning for their eventual Irish Wake. (To do this you must remain healthy yourself.)

I have gone on record to say that the first sale is the hardest sale. The second sale to the same client is a very telling sale.

The most significant, and usually the most profitable, sale begins with #3. After that, it is money in the bank.

This sequence of ongoing sales will not come by accident. From day one, you must envision the entire sequence unfolding as planned. Then, you must make it your business to service the daylights out of each and every opportunity. You can do this. I know you can do this.


Mike Marchev

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