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Marketing Mistake #2: You Don’t Know Why Your Customers Buy

This is mistake #2 of 15. They all may appear obvious at first, but I want you to give each one some thought. They will all serve as a valuable reminder.

Let’s use an example to “drive” today’s mistake home.

If I asked you what attributes you look for when shopping for an automobile, you would give me your personal buying criteria on the matter. These are your feelings as they relate to you – specifically. If I asked someone else what it is they look for when shopping for a car, chances are they would give me an entirely new set of “needs.”

For example, you may say “style” while others might say “acceleration.” Another person might be looking for “gas economy,” while another might feel the “price” is a pivotal factor. Another person who is fond of music may reply with “the sound system.” (Don’t laugh at this one. I once sold a car entirely based on the speakers strategically positioned behind the rear seats.)

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I think you get the idea. A familiar phrase might be, “different strokes for different folks.”

What you think from this day forward does not matter. What your prospects and customers think is the only thing that matters. Therefore, you must get into the habit of asking them what is on their mind.

In the travel arena, these individual wants may include: destination; weather; convenience; scenery; culture; amusements; price; activities; familiarity; referrals; bucket-listing; kid-friendly; pet-friendly and more.

Once you take the time to acquire the individual wants and needs of your prospect or customer, you will not only have a better feel for your upcoming recommendation, but you will be in for a lot smoother transaction.

Mike Marchev

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