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Markeing Mistake #6: You Expect the Prospect to Do Too Much Work

This is Marketing Mistake #6 of 15. Let’s get this clear once and for all: It is your business. It is your life. It is your future. You have yours and I have mine. Others have theirs.

If you want to do or accomplish something (anything), it is entirely up to you. The ball is in your court. You are driving the bus. If you want to speak to me, it is up to you to call me and leave a message. It is not my responsibility to call you back. You wanted to talk to me, remember? It was your idea. You had a reason to contact me. You must keep calling until you accomplish your goal.

Too many sales professional “wanna-bes” feel that once they make the initial call it is the responsibility of the prospect or client to return the call. This is foolishness. You must remain proactive until some form of satisfaction has been achieved.

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Don’t expect me to care about you or your problems. Don’t expect me to take the initiative of find the time and energy to return your call. I have enough on my own plate.

You can think of this as the 100% Rule. 50/50 is a pipe dream. 80/20 would be nice if it were true. The solution to building and maintaining any solid relationship is to assume 100% of the responsibility.

If you want to succeed in this or any other business, decide what it is that YOU must do, and then do it.


Mike Marchev

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