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Marketing Mistake #7: You Don’t Ask For The Business

This is Marketing Mistake #7 of 15. Think of it this way: I am sure you like to think of yourself as a professional. If you don’t ask me to do business with you, you are an AMATEUR. Now the choice is yours. Are you a pro, or are you a wannabe?

Here are some facts:

  • Some people are going to think you are pushy no matter what you do or say.
  • Some people are going to tell you to “buzz-off.”

  • Some people are going to threaten to call the cops.
  • Some people are lazy slugs, and although they are looking at you straight in the face, they do not have a single clue what you just said to them or asked them to do.
  • Some people will be reluctant to do business with you, but they will agree with you just the same.
  • Some people will be glad you asked. Others will take offense.
  • Some people won’t wait for you to ask and demand that you take their business.


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This is what makes the world such an attractively zany fun planet to live and work. It takes all kinds. (And believe me, there are all kinds out there.)

As long as you are not a crook, scam artist, or a dishonest ex-con, you have nothing to apologize for. “Stick to your knitting.”

Keep on asking for the business.


Mike Marchev

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