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Marketing Mistake #8: You Are Boring People

You can answer this one yourself: Who do you want to spend time with?

  • Choice A: A boring, whining, negative slug?
  • Choice B: A proactive, fun, creative, idea-generating bundle of energy?

This my friends is what is known in the business as a “no-brainer.”

Give me the “action-guy/gal” each and every time.

If you are boring – stop being boring. If you are not boring, don’t become boring. This may sound like insulting advice, but I am afraid many people need reminders when it comes to their day-to-day behaviors.

Here is a slogan to help you shift from boring to happening: “Fail Faster.”

Failing at anything is anything but boring. In fact, it often is quite exhilarating. Please do not misinterpret this very valuable advice. I don’t want you to fail “stupid.” I do want you to distance yourself from your daily lackadaisical comfort zone and stretch a little.


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When I am asked what I feel is the most common shortcoming of today’s salesperson two answers immediately pop into my head.

(1) Visibility. Not enough people know you are alive. You must get up and get out before making more people glad they know you.

(2) You are boring people to near tears. It is time that you bring your true personality into the game. You need to stop playing to the wrong audience and let your true self out of the box. It is true that some people will not buy your “act,” but it is imperative that you show your true colors.


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