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Sales Mistake #3: Not Listening to The Prospect

You must give the communication skill called “listening” more than just lip service. You have to actually hear what the other person is saying and make every effort to understand what is being said.

Not listening to what others are saying is a mistake. Nobody cares about what you want or think, unless it ties directly to what your customer is interested in. I don’t know how to make this complicated or drawn out. Once you get the customer speaking freely and comfortably about their ideas, wants, needs and desires, you’re bound to witness a sale unfold before your very eyes. You’ll become a spectator and won’t have to say or do much more. Ask and then listen. Repeat back to the speaker what it is you think you heard and then listen some more.

People who are in the market to make a purchase will eventually make a purchase if you simply act as a guide, as a sounding board and a source for meaningful information.

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Once a prospect feels comfortable enough to talk freely to you it is in your best interest to keep them talking. When they have finished a point ask them another question. Look your prospect in the eye and indicate from time to time that you are hanging on their responses. This is easily done by nodding in agreement or asking for clarification when needed. Show the prospect that you are engaged in the conversation.

You have undoubtedly heard the real estate mantra that the three most important determinants of value are: location, location, location. In sales, the three most important determinants of your value to the prospect are: listening skills, listening skills, listening skills.

Key Point: Nobody has ever listened themselves out of a sale.


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