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Sales Mistake #5: Seeing the Customer as an Adversary

Biting the hand that feeds you makes no sense. It never has and never will. Although this reminder originated with pet dogs in mind, it also holds true when dealing with a sometimes-challenging customer base.

Treating your customers, any customer, as the enemy is less than intelligent. In fact, it is stupid, dumb and moronic, and shows a serious lack of understanding. Don’t fall prey to such behavior.

As bizarre as it sounds, the “me against you” selling mentality, more often than not, represents a common selling scenario. Sales shouldn’t and cannot happen this way. As Bob Dylan once reminded us in song, “The Times They Are a Changing.” Your clients have become pretty savvy over the years and now have a plethora of buying options.

How can anyone respond negatively to the hand that feeds them? Prospects will only become customers if treated properly. Customers pay your bills and are responsible for feeding your family. No customers, no business – no brainer.

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So, here’s a clever thought: Why don’t you show everybody your superiority by badmouthing your customers and show them what a lousy attitude looks and sounds like whenever the opportunity presents itself?

I’m sure you will agree with me. This makes little sense.

Let’s get something clear. Prospects having passed from the suspect stage to the prospect stage to the all important customer stage are good things. Talk to prospects as if they are good things. Treat them with respect as if they are good things. Behave in public as if they are good things. Why? Because prospects are good things.


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