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Sales Mistake #6: Becoming Distracted or, Not Loving The One You’re With

With so much going on in the world, it has become more difficult to focus on the task at hand. Multitasking seems to have become a survival skill. But here is where I disagree: Multitasking is a shortcut to disaster.

You can’t allow your attention span to drift away from what you are doing at the moment. Becoming distracted is often considered normal. You simply can’t be considered normal in this regard.

If your primary responsibility is to help people, then it is in your best interest to pay attention to the people you are trying to help. Reality teaches us, as well as my personal experience, that your mind will wander at times. If you have a short attention span (like I do), knowing that you do is 99% of the battle.

You can’t provide your prospect or customer an opportunity to interpret your wandering mind as a sign of disinterest on your part. This will prove fatal nine out of ten times.

When in direct presence, work on focusing intently on your prospect. Concentrate. Notice what they are wearing. What they are saying. How they are saying it. Watch their eyes and pay attention to their body language.

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When you are not in direct presence, like when you were on the telephone, listen for the tone, the speed and their choice of words.
Resist the temptation to plug the phone into your shoulder while continuing to open envelopes, check emails, write sales memos, click through computer screens, or straighten out your desk drawer. People on the other end of the line can detect this activity, and you can be sure they will interpret it as a sign of disinterest.

Discipline yourself and let everything take a backseat when you are on the telephone. You might want to try standing while speaking, I do this regularly. It takes too much effort and promotion to finally get your phone to ring. Why risk blowing it all at the point of contact?

The bottom line is knowing that the person you are speaking with at the moment is the most important person in the world. Treat them as such.

As Stephen Stills once sang, “Love the one you’re with.”


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