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The Best of Budapest

Budapest is a treasure of Eastern Europe, an architectural wonder of baroque and neoclassical. Located on the famous Danube River, its beauty is from a time that memorializes eras of classical music and Roman roots. The sights, the food, and nightlife combine into a fantastic foray into the “Paris of the East.”

Budapest was originally two separate cities, Buda on the west side of the Danube and Pest on the east side. This capital of Hungary has contributed much to European culture. A cosmopolitan city that is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city centre is a height of beauty only reached by few places. This area is vibrant with moving life. Here, the magnificent churches are plentiful. St. Stephen’s Basilica Budapest, finished in 1906, is a massive and impressive sight for the traveler. With 8,500 seats, organ concerts three times a week, and a grand interior – this ornate church will take the breath away. Matthias Church, though not as ornate as the Basilica, has more of a historical décor and hosts chamber music sessions for the music lover.

No trip to Budapest is complete without going to one of the many thermal baths around the city. The baths have been a popular activity since the Romans settled in the area in the 1st century AD. Containing a mineral-rich water heated beneath the ground, the baths are located within classical-style buildings with grand architecture. Two of the main ones are the Széchenyi and Gellért baths. With a total of 123 hot springs and nine medicinal baths around the city, there’s plenty of chance to take in this experience.

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Splitting the Danube River, between the east and west banks, and reachable by two major bridges, Margaret Island contains a gorgeous park with plenty to do. The Japanese Garden, on the northern side of the park, is a zen-like experience with calm pond to walk along. These lily-covered waters are crossed by small, traditional bridges and the pond is fed by a majestic waterfall. The musical fountain shoots choregraphed jets of water to music (different songs every hour) and lighting to enhance the show. There is also one of the beforementioned baths on the island. Add in a bit of dancing and partying after a fiery sunset, and Margaret Island is a perfect day in Budapest.

Budapest is a laidback and hospitable city. Whether the traveler is interested in history or nightlife, there is something for everyone. That’s why Hungarian Tourism Agency wants to take the traveler all around the city and surrounding areas, showcasing the feel of this classical city.


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