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How to Ace your Next Video

Have you ever watched a video and realize it’s a total waste of your time

Maybe it didn’t live up to the description or deliver what the title promised. Or, maybe it was such horrible audio quality you just couldn’t stand it for more than 3 seconds.

When I first started shooting video, a dear client let me know gently (and luckily early on) that my audio was scratchy and hard to listen to for more than 3 seconds. I had no idea!

Why does all this matter for your travel & tourism business?

Video is the fastest way to engage and reach more of your social fans.

Here’s 5 video success secrets I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Invest in a good microphone! Whether you’re shooting video from your phone or and HD webcam, choosing an external microphone is key to ensure your viewers stick around for more than 3 seconds!
    1. Pro Tip: Here’s some suggestions and popular microphones.
    2. Secret Sauce: Remember to include captions with every video. Research shows that many people what video with the sound OFF!
  2. Start with a bang! Research shows that many viewers tune out after 6 or 7 seconds. We all know that attention spans are shrinking faster that you can say “3,2,1 Action”. Kick off your video with your key point first to grab viewer attention. Early in your video remember to add a call to action letting people know what they can do with your information and why you’re the best option to help.
    1. Pro tip: many videos start with a long-winded introduction which is simply an invitation to tune out. People don’t really care about you, just about how you can help them!
  3. KISS! Keeping it short is a great way to build a loyal following. Many people make the mistake of trying to cram in too much information into a video and risk losing viewers. Try providing only 1 key point in each video and taking around 60 seconds to convey your message.
    1. Pro tip: KISS enables you to produce a series of videos about a specific topic; each video focusing on 1 key point.
    2. Secret Sauce: Here’s some video content ideas you can steal.
  4. Maximize your exposure. When you take the time to create a video, get as much value from it as you can. (And save some time) Extend the video’s exposure by:
    1. Posting it on your social sites
    2. Including it on channels like You Tube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites
    3. Embedding it into your blog
    4. Adding it to your website
    5. Including it in an e-blast
    6. Using it in funnel marketing
    7. Using it as a lead magnet or as gated content
    8. More ways to repurpose your videos
  5. Add a Call to Action and your contact information. Have you ever watched a video that provided so much valuable information that you wanted to connect with the producer to learn more, yet there was no contact information?
    1. Pro Tip: create a slide at the end with your contact information and a call to action.
    2. Popular tools: PicMonkey, Canva, Stencil. More tools here.


51% of on-line marketers have claimed videos to be the best content to increase ROI. Also, viewers retain 95% of the information you give in the form of a video as compared to 10% when reading it in a text.

Don’t miss out on attracting new clients and boosting your credibility.

What’s your favorite video success tip?


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