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The Ease of Cuban Travel

Conflicting news has travelers confounded about whether they can still travel from the US to Cuba. Caribbean Tours USA has the answer, a resounding – Yes!

With almost 20 years of experience in travel to Cuba, 11 in in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean Tours USA wants to help travelers get the real information about traveling to the land of classic cars and gorgeous beaches. As they are already welcoming 25,000 customers per year to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, their knowledge of what is required for Cuba travel is tried and true.Meanwhile, their team of over 75 employees work directly with Cubanacan in Cuba and the best suppliers in the Dominican Republic.

Earlier this year, June 6th, one of the 12 licenses available for travel to Cuba was retracted – which is a minimal change to the rules. Though, cruises can no longer visit Cuba. But, this doesn’t stop the traveler from enjoying more time ashore than a cruise could offer – and getting an immersive and rich experience of Cuban culture. Particularly now that the streets are void of the masses that came along with cruise ship arrivals. Only a half-hour flight from Miami, this safe and enriching destination will be an eye-opener for the traveler.

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Caribbean Tours USA is also hosting several FAM trips, the next one being in December and four more in 2020 (2 to Cuba, 2 to Dominican Republic). And, now that they have had overwhelming interest in the December FAM trip, they’ve decided to give a webinar regarding Travelling to Cuba from the US. This webinar will broadcast on November 20th at 10:00 am EST. You can sign for this webinar at the link below:

Webinar – Travelling to Cuba from the US


Contact them for a quote or keep updated about their upcoming webinars and FAM Trips:

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