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The Passion and Heat of Spain, Andalucia

Southern Spain is hot in far more ways than the climate. This area, covering the entirety of the south, is called Andalucía. It has been the front line of heated wars between Islamic and Christian cultures, and the fire of emotion brought out in art. Flamenco dancers and Roma singers spice the air, while the passion shown in the architecture and felt in the atmosphere keep the emotions high. Andalucía is what one thinks of when they think of Spain in cultural snapshots.

60-Second Geography

Andalucia, Spain


Andalucía with Central Holidays

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The capital of Andalucía is Seville. One of the sites most noticeable in Seville is the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See. This massive cathedral is a perfect example of the sharp spires and intricate stonework of Gothic architecture. Added to the mix of Gothic style are rounded points commonly found in Islamic cultures. It rises above the city, a reminder of a past rooted in the mixed traditions of Christianity and Islam. Larger than the Hagia Sophia, this cathedral is the largest Gothic church in the world. The Old Town of 2 sq mi contains some of the city’s greatest historic treasures. These UNESCO World Heritage sites are the Alacazar palace complex, the Cathedral, and the General Archive of the Indies (which holds the historic documentation of the Spain Empire in the Americas and the Philippines).


Seville, Spain skyline in the Old Quarter.


East of Seville is Granada. Its aesthetic is Islamic architecture and Arab culture, with grand churches dotted among the once Moor stronghold. The primary attraction in Granada is the Alhambra, a palace complex and fortress built on the remains of an old Roman fort. This landmark is the perfect example of Muslim art in the last days of Islam’s control in Europe. Other grand structures such as the Mirador San Nicolas, Basilica San Juan de Dios, and Capilla Real represent the other side of Granada – classic cathedrals of the Christian faith. Add in the energetic streets lined with bars and cafes, and you’ve got a city to capture the senses.


Winter view of famous Alhambra in front of Sierra Nevada, Spain.


With the second largest Old Town in Europe, Cordoba is a wonder indeed. A sense of history is pervasive in the air with Roman, Christian, and Islamic remains around the city. The Roman Bridge, built in 1st century AD by the Romans, was the only bridge in the city for about 20 centuries. Its 16 arches span 820 ft across the Guadalquivir River. The Great Mosque of Cordoba, or Mezquita, is another example of mixed influences in history. Located in the center of Cordoba, this mosque contains inspiration from throughout Cordoba’s history and has a cathedral built in the center of this magnificent mosque. Surrounding the Old Town are Roman walls and gates, where only 3 of 13 remain.


Cordoba, Spain view of the Roman Bridge and Mosque-Cathedral on the Guadalquivir River.


Andalucía is magic, a melding of cultures through the ages culminating into cities full of castles and complexes. The backdrop of mountains and cliffs of these cities lends an aesthetic of beauty where art meets nature. That’s why Central Holidays has created itineraries to the best of this region. From capitals to small towns, and churches to mosques, they want to show the traveler how the heart of Spain beats with a passion.

Heart of Spain

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The Jewels of Costa del Sol & Andalucia

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