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How to Quick Start a Home Agency Without Killing Yourself, Part 2

If you chose entrepreneurship over employment this is an important message for you. Out of the blue, I received an email asking me if it’s possible to start a business fast and avoid the inevitable stress. As a seasoned entrepreneur, I believe it is highly unlikely.

How do I react when somebody wants to ‘pick my brain’ – particularly on such a weighty matter? I am not bothered, I am humbled. I regularly receive random high-mileage questions like this one.

Being asked important questions validates that I have established a signature brand. I am a trusted advisor and along with it comes a higher level of exposure. How do you react when somebody wants to pick your brain? (More on that subject later).

I did promise to provide a substantive answer here in Part 2. Racing to start-up results in oversight, error and elevated anxiety. Conversely, building a business on a foundation of DISCIPLINE drives ideal results. Racing could destroy your brand, let alone your good name, rushing can be crushing.

How can you run your business and prevent it from running you ragged? Here are three key areas of ENTREPRENEURIAL DISCIPLINE that will help you build a home agency in a fair amount of time without killing yourself:


  1. Be disciplined to scrutinize every business decision. The solution? Write your business plan. It is your guiding force. Business plans keep you disciplined because they keep you fully focused on the mission. This prevents blind, bad decisions that would make you sick. If you operate your agency without a plan it’s like playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.


  1. Be disciplined to scrutinize exactly how you generate revenue. Definitively, the riches are in the niches. I coach you to embrace expertise so you have true zeal for your work. Eliminate any chance of being blow off course to work with clients, products, destinations and suppliers you don’t love. Do this and you will be a TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) entrepreneur like me!


  1. Be disciplined to scrutinize your skillsets. What are your deficits? Sharpen your axe in areas where you can’t cut it. Find a mentor. Hire a coach. Get trained. What are your surpluses? Consider them a gift! Pay it forward the next time somebody picks your brain or needs your expert services.


Brian Tracy, author and motivational speaker, reminds us, “Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!”.

Can you start a business fast without killing yourself in the process? Highly unlikely! It is so much more fulfilling when you can enjoy the journey.

How do you react when somebody wants to pick your brain? Be honored. It might have been a competitor and not you. How should you respond? Swiftly, gratefully yet with disciplined measure. Paying it forward is a sign of servant leadership. Getting paid is a sign of disciplined entrepreneurship.



Stuart Cohen, Chief Motivation Officer at

If you can think big, Stuart will help you do big! An accomplished 28-year travel industry executive turned serial solopreneur, Stuart is a creator of brands and an energizing motivational speaker. He motivates & maximizes personal performance in leadership, entrepreneurship, salesmanship & wellness.

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