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The Tastes of Tokaj

In the northeast area of Hungary is the Tokaj-Hegyalja Region. Here, the famous Aszú wine flows and the cuisine is topnotch. The nearby Zemplen Mountains offer up rugged wilderness, while just outside of those mountains nature trails and ancient castles are ready to be explored. From luxury to cozy, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a getaway for travelers that has much to offer in the way of luxury and adventure.
The 27 settlements of Tokaj have been a closed operation since 1737. Volcanic soil and a perfect microclimate meet with sloping hills to create a conducive environment for Aszú wine, which Louis XIV of France once called “Wine of Kings, King of Wines.” It is the world’s oldest sweet wine, with a taste profile revered by kings, popes, and czars.

With a wine like Aszú, it was a natural leap for the Tokaj region to also produce amazing cuisine to match the taste of the wine. Homemade pastas, fresh ingredients, and locally sourced materials make for the perfect accompaniment to the wine. Restaurants such as Gusteau Culinary Workshop, Anyukám Mondta Restaurant, Percze Élményközpont, Első Mádi Borház, and LaBor Bistro offer up high-end gastronomy options to make the mouth water.


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The accommodation options in the Tokaj region vary between cozy to luxurious. Quality hotels, including some five-star one, are found all over the area. But even more impressive are the village houses available for lodging. These traditional homes are a charming way to spend the night in the region. Tile stoves are used to heat the village house, while beehive ovens are used to cook dinner. These rustic, yet cozy, options will take the traveler back to a simpler time.

The Zemplen Adventure Park, located in Sátoraljaújhely, is a full-on adventure whether it be winter or summer. Traveler can ride the longest chairlift in Hungary, skate on an ice rink, or zipline far over the forest below. This northernmost town in Hungary also has fantastic skiing and a year-round bobsled zooming down the mountain. Just riding the chairlift through the clouds on your way to activities is an experience to behold.

This romantic and untouched area is a gem waiting to be found by the traveler. Especially as it has not reached the main platforms of the travel industry. It offers up more than just a getaway, but a complete experience of tastes and adventure. That’s the Hungarian Tourism Agency has created the WOW Hungary national brand. Their plan is to show the world that Hungary has much more to offer than the stunning city of Budapest.


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