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Avoid These Social Blunders in 2020


With 2019 nearly in the rearview mirror let’s consider how we can avoid some common pitfalls, slip-ups and social marketing blunders as we usher in 2020.


Blunder #1: Clients forget to book with you!

Do you hear your clients saying, “I found a great trip and just booked it online. I guess I should have called you first.”

Don’t miss out staying at the top of mind and tip of tongue with your clients. Building stronger relationships with your clients is easy with social advertising. Wouldn’t you love to reach back out to your social fans that have interacted with your social posts? All those likes, comments and shares are a gold mine when you want to continue strengthening ties with these ‘warm’ prospects.

Solution #1

Tap into the power of these likes, comments and shares with social advertising and re-targeting. When you build custom ad audiences using the Facebook Page option, you’ll be able to create an audience of people who have interacted with your page.

Here’s where to find this opportunity: Navigation: Your own Business Manager/Ads Manager account > > All Tools > Assets > Audiences > Custom Audience > Facebook Page

Here’s how to set up this audience of people who have interacted with your Facebook business page:


Figure 1 – Refine your audience when you include and exclude criteria.


Blunder #2: No New Clients Are Calling

Have you looked at your future bookings lately? How many of those clients are new? If your marketing and sales funnel isn’t filled with potential new clients, you may be missing out on growing your business in 2020.

Solution #2

Reaching out to potential new clients is easier when they’re able to see you and start to recognize your desire to find the perfect solution for their bucket list trip.

As a destination, resort or cruise line, attracting potential new clients is closely related to frequency and showing that you can solve their biggest pain point.

Being recognizable in the eyes of potential new clients can be accomplished with this trifecta:

  • Developing a solid video strategy gives you the opportunity to dip into the personal space of your target clientele. Being seen and heard is a powerful way to start building a stronger relationship. Save time with these tips to re-use your videos in a variety of new ways.
  • Social Strategy. When potential clients see you consistently on their social feeds, they’re better able to understand how you can solve their travel yearnings – and more likely to reach out to you as they’ll feel they know you!
  • E-mail. The winning duo of video and a strong social presence is complimented by a consistent email sequence that nurtures new business. The big question: How to get your social fans onto your email list. The solution is a compelling lead magnet!


Blunder #3: Confusion!

Do you hear your clients saying to you; “I didn’t know you booked _______. (fill in the blank with your top selling destination)

Don’t you hate missing out on a booking because people don’t fully understand your niche market and travel specialty. As a travel advisor, you’re leaving money on the table.

As a tour operator, when you look to fill the last couple of seats in your group, confused potential clients aren’t going to jump on board.

Solution #3

Consistency banishes confusion.

Having a consistent tone, style and voice in your social posting helps eliminate the confusion. Have you ever seen a page that posts info about staying in a hostel one day and then posts about private islands and private jet service? Talk about confusion!

Keeping your graphic style consistent helps ensure your fans totally understand your specialty and recognize you in their noisy social feed. This includes brand colors, font family and overall look and style of your graphics, blog cover images, social header images and all other content.


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