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Santorini: Weddings and Honeymoons

There are many reasons to visit the paradise known as Santorini. It is home to some of the famous and stunning white-washed houses found along many of the islands in the Cyclades. Almost all cafes and restaurants have a view of the azure waters. Nights bring starry skies, the revelry of nightclubs and bars. These traits make Santorini perfect for the start of a new life together – whether it be weddings or honeymoons.

The setting for a wedding creates the mood for a lifetime of partnership; and, there are many options on the island for this aesthetic when tying the knot. For instance, the dramatic background of the caldera cliff side. Suspended 200 meters above the Aegean Sea overlooking a collapsed volcano adds a picturesque quality to the ceremony. The venues around Santorini are versatile, having indoor and outdoor spaces for the couple and guests. Whether under the star-lit sky or the glow of day, this island will forever be remembered in the wedding album photos and minds of attendees.


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Honeymoons give the newly married couple a way to relax and enjoy each other’s company before returning to everyday life. This foundation stretches far beyond the effects of a normal vacation. And, Santorini has all that’s required a jump-start into a great future. Not only do the stunning views and Mediterranean climate create the atmosphere for lounging about in the sun, but Santorini is also known for its partying. Clubs and bars around the island provide a way for the newly wedded to revel in the night. Add in a bit of sailing the serene waters along white cliffs and coves – memories that the newly married will think of fondly as they grow in love.

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