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The Year 2020 is Almost Here!

I am not going to bore you with an article highlighting the importance of making meaningful goals for the New Year. Nor am I going to highlight the folly most individuals experience who spend an inordinate amount of time making such superfluous goals.

You know what time it is, and you know you have a full 12 months ahead to do whatever it is you are going to do. As Gloria Estefan once reminded us in song, You determine your fate by the choices you make.

Before entering the New Year, after sharing over 200 plus messages with you during the past twelve months, I want to remind you of one simple meaningful fact. I happen to know that the following advice is true. I learned it and confirmed it more than once during my training days leading up to when I competed in an Ironman Triathlon in 1998. (For those of you who may not know, The Ironman is a 3-prong endurance race covering 142 miles for individuals who are borderline on being mentally imbalanced — just kidding.)

In order to continue your successful path in the coming year, it is imperative that you continue to hone your business and personal skills. It is also imperative that you maintain some semblance of health along the way as your body happens to be the vehicle, you’ll be depending on to get you where you want to go. In fact, it is you (your body) that determines your competitive differential.

I guess what I just inferred is that you must continue learning while maintaining good health. But, that’s not my primary message as 2019 draws to a close.

Chances are that you already have a few clients. It is also safe to surmise that you got these clients in a number of ways. That leads me to believe that there is no single way to build your business. Your way is as good as mine. But the common denominator according to me involves what is going on between your ears on any given day.


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Some call it attitude. You may refer to it as a positive mindset. Regardless of your definition, it truly calls for aligning your thinking patterns with a positive and results-oriented action plan.

This is the lesson I learned while swimming, biking and running for what seemed like an eternity: The mind quits first.

What this tells you is that regardless of what you may be thinking as far as being rejected, tired, overwhelmed, stressed, and whatever other excuse readily enters your mind – as soon as you hit the “wall,” chances are you can “be more and do more” in very short order.

It is true that you usually move in the direction you are looking. In short, the body follows the head. Get your mind in order, and your body will usually follow suit.

As we enter another New Year with another clean slate, there is no question in my mind that you can achieve whatever it is you set out to achieve. If for some reason you find yourself falling short of your goals, I’m convinced that it has nothing to do with the economy, the marketplace, or the alignment of the stars. I believe your failures will be a direct result of allowing your mind to quit on you. Don’t allow this to happen. It does not have to happen.

Keep pursuing your dreams until you cross the finish line.

Make it a Happy New Year.


Mike Marchev
Mike Marchev is a down-to-earth motivating sales trainer, author and business coach who specializes in the travel industry. Mike’s column is made possible by AmaWaterways.

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