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You Can Make the Food Taste Better

I went out for dinner with my son, daughter and son-in-law. They took me to a ‘best of Long Island’ restaurant that was busy-as-usual on a Saturday night. We were seated after waiting twice as long for a table (despite the four-tops that were empty). We were served by an uninspired waiter (who was empty as well).

I had expected our welcome to have matched the ambiance (which was warm and inviting). I was eager to have my salivary glands activated upon hearing a decadent description of the dishes (which I had heard so much about). Sadly, this experiential let-down threw cold water on dinner.

I am convinced that our meals would have tasted better, if only we had been served better. Because he was a pseudo-smiler and an order-taker the experience was purely transactional. Everything is on the table when it comes to dining out.

What secret ingredient holds significant sway over the flavor? Words (or lack thereof). Sprinkle in some savory sentences and a good dish tastes great. A great dish tastes divine! The touch effects the taste.

When describing activities and destinations, are you boring or building the hype? You can make the food taste better by sprinkling in adjectives and verbs. The words you use are highly influential. Simply put, never leave nouns naked.

I love hearing a waiter’s words and watching their face when they describe a dish. I know instantly if they had ever eaten/experienced it or not. A great waiter understands the importance of putting benefits over features. A feature is an object. A benefit is a sensation.

What’s the rub? Be sure that the pitch you serve is flavor-filled. Talk as if you are standing on that inspiring balcony, wiggling your toes in that warm sand, and tasting that sublimely delicious dinner.

That’s my tip for you and my waiter: You can make the food taste better. You can put enduring loyalty back in business by putting exciting words back in relationships.



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