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A Few Good Organizations Still Exist

There Are Still Some Good Organizations Out There: Be One!

Being a “non-auto mechanic”, I blamed it on the cold weather. Soon I caved in and determined the screeching sound coming from the engine area of my Ford Explorer might be a little more pressing than just a cool breeze rushing across the big thing next to the battery.

In addition to not having a regular medical doctor, I don’t have a regular auto mechanic since “my guy” closed shop at midnight and did not leave a forwarding address.

Long story short: I did not know where to turn.

There is an automobile repair shop across from my bank that I remembered seeing on my way to the post office. On route, I saw another fix-it shop closer to home. I turned in and out in the same steering motion. Lesson: First appearances DO make a HUGE impression.

Upon entering M&N Repair, I was greeted by a woman who I thought was congenial and interested in determining if I was buying or selling. As we were speaking, the owner came through the back door and immediately tuned in to our conversation. He didn’t “butt” in, he tuned in. There is a difference easily observed.

Without boring you to tears, they asked all the right questions in a way I could relate to. I left my car in his diagnostic hands, scopes and automotive gizmos feeling that I would get a fair deal.

The next morning, I received a call from a fellow who explained to me in a language that I could understand what the snag was, along with one additional concern. Admittedly, I am not a NASCAR follower, and I really do not know much about cars, but I asked him if brakes were important items as he indicated all four of them needed some attention. I soon concurred that I should have a set of working brakes before the actual need arose.

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When picking up the car, once again I was treated like a welcomed and appreciated customer, albeit now a customer a few hundred bucks on the light side.

Today’s message: There are a few good organizations out there. No, they do not grow on trees. But when you do things right people will take notice. They will grow to trust you and gladly pay your invoice. If you show a little personality, they may even come to like you. If you are really good, they might even spread the good word among their friends.

***When your customers see and experience high quality service, you will be better off for it.



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