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Are You Serving Up the Best Ribs in America?

Eric is the owner of The Bar-B-Q Shop here in Memphis. His restaurant was voted #1 ribs in America on the list of the Food Network’s “Top Five Restaurants”. That’s quite an achievement considering Memphis is just one city with no shortage of lip-smacking, succulently smoked pork, brisket and chicken restaurants.

It’s fair to say that Eric has got a secret sauce. His web site reveals, “The unique taste of The Bar-B-Q Shop’s gourmet award-winning sauces has always been something that has set The Bar-B-Q Shop off from other barbeque restaurants.”

Having met him, I will reveal something else; the award-winning sauce is just one of his secrets. Eric’s endearing ear-to-ear smile, blended with an authentic zeal for perfection, is the real recipe.

I met Eric inside his Midtown Memphis restaurant. (I love meeting entrepreneurs in all business categories and hearing their stories). Turns out we had mutual acquaintances within the entrepreneurship ecosystem. (In Memphis there is only 3 degrees of separation, and here it just proved true again!).

I was ready to ask Eric, “How on earth do you stand out in such a crowded, competitive restaurant category?” when he answered before I could ask.

Standing next to me, he reached around my shoulder, smiled, and said with profound sincerity, “Stuart, if anything is not perfect do you promise you’ll tell me?” He waited for a reply.

“Eric, absolutely. I appreciate that very much.”

The Bar-B-Q Shop produces stand-out sauce. The Bar-B-Q-Shop delivers stand-out service. It’s a dual secret sauce that propelled his single location restaurant to achieve a highly commendable status. How many owners are courageous enough to promise perfection?

You don’t make a nationwide Top Five list by delivering good food and good service. Doing both ‘great’ still won’t make the grade. Being irrationally passionate (as Russell Brunson would describe it) makes the distinction here. No bones about it.

You may not be competing for a coveted place on a Top Five list, literally, but what if you were? Would you have the tenacity to set your standards way higher than your competitors?

Each and every day you are competing for a coveted place in the hearts, heads (and wallets) of your prospects (who have an abundance of choices). Will you ever achieve Food Network-type recognition? Perhaps not. Will you achieve higher levels of success and happiness? Perhaps so.

Whether you are selling smoked ribs or solar panels, you ARE in a daily race to be #1 on their list. If you don’t want to hear this reality, then your top achievement will stay in the vast expanse of unremarkablility.

When you visit Memphis, come to The Bar-B-Q Shop on Madison. Savor the flavor of real-pit barbecue. They are the home of the original Bar-B-Q Spaghetti and Texas Toast Bar-B-Q Sandwich, which you can’t leave without. It’s also the home of the original ear-to-ear smile which you’ll certainly leave with.



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