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Attitude Adjustment: Part 3, Competition

Your Competitive Spirit Is Not Ready For Prime Time

I bet that if we were to play tennis and, just short of taking your first serve, I declared you the winner, you would feel somewhat less than fulfilled. Likewise, if we were going to play golf and I declared you the winner on the practice putting green, I don’t think you would cherish the victory.

Then I ask you: Why do so many salespeople want to accept victory before having the chance to earn it? Competition is what makes the game, (any game) worth playing.

I am reminded here of another interview. This one was between Howard Cosell (the lawyer turned commentator) and Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder (the famous odds maker). Howard asked Jimmy what he enjoyed best in life. Jimmy quickly responded, “Howard, I like to win.” When Howard followed with what the Greek liked second best, Jimmy answered just as quickly and said, “Howard, that’s an easy one. I like to lose.”

Here was a man who took pleasure in playing the game… who enjoyed the action. Win or lose, it was the competition that brought Jimmy the Greek to the game.

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Here is one of the competitive mindsets I want you to consider. (1) Know and play by the rules of the game. (2) Know that you honestly can’t and will not win them all. (3) Learn to enjoy the competition and the process of selling.

This will insure a healthy, enjoyable and financially attractive future.


Mike Marchev

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