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Attitude Adjustment: Part 4, Your Customers Are Not Stupid

Over the years I have witnessed many travel professionals exhibit an attitude of superiority. They talk and act in somewhat of a demeaning fashion. They fail to remember that their prospects also have access to the Internet and know how to Google.

I suppose acting like this can soften the blow when rejection enters the picture. After all, the guy who just turned down your supremely researched and thought-out itinerary must be a dummy, right? But all this does is insure rejection.

Most people are smarter than you give them credit for. They may not be book smart or school smart. But people usually have a pretty good feel for how they want to spend their time and money. Although they may be contrary to yours, they too have opinions and ideas.

I have always believed that people have a very hard time buying-into your ideas. They are very quick at endorsing their own ideas. The professional skill is to enter the conversation they are already having with themselves. Then, by listening to exactly what is being said, gently introduce your ideas by piggybacking off of theirs.

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Don’t make the mistake of selling people short. Deal with them on a level playing field with respect and sincerity. You will not only enjoy the results, but you’ll find more pleasure in what you are doing for a living.


Mike Marchev

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