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Attitude Adjustment: Part 7, Not Taking Pride In Your Work

Not Taking Pride In Your Job Is a Common Mistake

What you do for a living is important. It affects more people than you will ever know. If you haven’t already done so, it is about time to adopt the following mantra: “I am in position to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Maybe your immediate supervisors or family members are too busy with their own problems that they fail to reinforce the importance of your contributions. Amateurs can easily get bent out of shape when this happens. True professionals however, know the importance of his or her contributions and they don’t need to hear it from others on an hourly basis. (They do need to hear it from time to time, just like everyone else. Applause goes a long way.)

I have been heard to say that there are three areas where it pays to work with professionals. DIYS (Do-it-your-selfers) have no business getting overly involved with water, electricity, and vacations. They can read all the books they like and watch all the YouTube videos available on the web – and they will still be flirting with a great deal of hurt when it involves water, juice and expensive time away from home.


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Electricians are important people. They provide light and prevent homes from burning down. Plumbers are important people. They prevent water damage and insure toilets flush and dish washers wash. Travel agents are important people. They prevent horror stories while on vacation and minimize useless expense while maximizing memorable moments.

Sure, we enjoy the sound of others acknowledging our work, but we don’t depend on it to do our jobs. We know that we add value to our company and to our customers. You are a professional. Take pride in that fact.

Mike Marchev

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