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Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This leads me to questions worth pondering. Why would you want to? Wouldn’t it be easier to fine-tune the tricks the old dog already knows how to do? Sit. Fetch. Roll over. Shake. Go get me a beer.

It is common knowledge that the older we get the more forgetful we become. (I did not make that up.) Maybe your time would be better spent picking up the old instruction manual and paying a little more attention to the fine print.

Business is not, never was, and never will be a synonym for “Rocket Science.” No truer motto has ever been inked, “You can either help the particular person in question, or you can’t.” Those are my words and if you ask me, they warrant consideration for a Hollywood Star on The Walk of Fame. (I’m not holding my breath.)

Here are a few tricks for you old dogs worth a little spit and polish:

  1. Stop talking so much.
  2. Hold eye contact.
  3. Find out what floats your client’s boat?
  4. Call people back… sooner.
  5. Do what you say you will do.
  6. Find some humor… in just about everything.
  7. Open your eyes to “opportunities.”
  8. Stop saying “No problem.” Instead, say “You are welcome.”
  9. Start every written communication with the recipient’s name.
  10. Learn to read music. (It challenges the aging brain and can be considered as a new trick. Prove the naysayers wrong.) And your clients will think you are really smart.


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