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Enchanting Indochina


The mysterious and gorgeous lands of Indochina have been a hotspot for travel for quite a while now. This wasn’t always the case, as war once ravaged the area. Now, however, Indochina has moved past this violent history into a future that welcomes travelers of all types. The focus of this article will be on two of the most well-known countries in Indochina: Cambodia and Vietnam. Sharing a border, trips to these lands can be combined into a unified experience worth far more than a thousand words could hope to capture.


  • Of course, one of the key points in this area is the largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It was originally built as a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu in the 12th century. Though, it was later made a Buddhist temple. Angkor Wat was created in the image of the universe as the builders, the Khmer Empire, saw it. The entire complex covers almost 500 acres, with the central tower reaching up to 699 feet. Galleries of slightly raised bas-reliefs are found covering most of the structures, depicting many themes including Indian epics and sacred books. Many famous figures throughout history have noted the state of preservation and magnificent architecture unique to this destination.



  • Cambodia’s neighbor, Vietnam, has more than enough to offer the traveler as well. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has had a more than interesting past. Along with its own deep culture that has persisted for thousands of years, there are indications of Chinese and French occupation in the look and feel of its streets. The Old Quarter of Hanoi is perhaps the most popular. Here, the locals buzz with activity – having come to trade and sell for more than 1000 years. All around the city the traveler will find temples to take in, including the Temple of Literature. This temple is a perfect example of traditional Vietnamese architecture and was built to revere the scholars within its society. The intricate and colorful altars will capture the imagination, while giving a true sense of reverence for the philosophers and scholars that have come before.



  • In Northern Vietnam, Ha Long Bay has become a staple of tourism. Noted as a World Heritage Site in 1994, islands of limestone rise from the sea. These small, yet steep, islands dot the bay in a highly unique way. Their eroded sides sometimes sheer as a cliffside, but always majestic. Cruises, and even overnight stays on a boat, are available to navigate among the islands. Ha Long, meaning “descending dragon”, is a more than appropriate moniker for this must-see bay.



The Indochina countries of Cambodia and Vietnam are without a doubt an enchanting land that will forever remain in the memories of a traveler. That’s why SITA World Tours (800.421.5643) has set up a few tours that take the traveler through cities full of life and history, temples representing ancient cultures, and p6lenty of amazing food along the way.



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Ancient Angkor Wat & Beyond

Revel in Vietnam’s energetic capital Hanoi, cruise an azure ocean pierced by surreal looking limestone islands in Ha Long Bay and enjoy the watery landscape of green fields and sleepy villages along the Mekong Delta. While in Cambodia you’ll meander through fascinating Angkor Wat and interact with street vendors while you purchase fresh ingredients for your Khmer cooking class.

Cambodia: Siem Reap Extension

Siem Reap has become Cambodia’s swinging boomtown and an exciting gateway into the exotic, dreamlike world of Angkor Wat. Designated the eighth wonder of the world, the ancient ruins of the vast Khmer empire have fascinated and mystified adventurers for centuries.

Mystic Marvels of Indochina

Discover the enchantment of historical and modern Vietnam crowned by a visit to fascinating Angkor Wat and, if you choose, an extension to mysterious Laos with its charming people and fascinating antiquities. Itinerary includes a cruise of dreamlike Ha Long Bay, the inspiration for the movie “Avatar.”


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