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Making the Agent the Hero

It’s not often that you find a family-owned and operated business that has been in operation for over 50 years. One that has kept its company headquarters in Detroit, where it started. One that has expanded to include 10 offices in the U.S. and 5 more worldwide. A travel consolidation service specifically for agents and advisors that has maintained the foundation of their family values. Yet, CTS Fares fits this much-needed position.
These family values carry over into almost every aspect of CTS Fare’s day-to-day. They employ more than 200 employees with unique backgrounds and exceptional skills. Their diverse team is consistently striving to give clients top-notch customer service. Their continuous improvement regarding technology has brought them into modern times, providing a fulfilling and seamless experience when booking travel.

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With over 100 airlines and 200,000 hotels available, quality travel management is as easy as ever. This also ensures some of the lowest negotiated fares available in the industry. A white label B2B2C option lets the agent send itineraries with their own branding, including the logo of their agency. These private and published commissionable fares are also available via mobile friendly for the agent on the go.

Whether it be the eye on upcoming technologies which helps agents keep up with the times or the 24-hour support, their transparency is a key component. CTS Fares has setup a consolidation system that lets the agent look like the hero – a mutually beneficial relationship that helps all parties grow.


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