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Mike’s NEW 1-Minute Marketing Memo

Here we go fellow travel professionals. Kicking off another New Year.

Another year which translates to another 12-months to make a difference. I closed 2019 “warning” you that my column was taking a new look. I will be following the salesman’s mantra… Be Bright – Be Brief – Be Gone.

I realize how little extra time you have to internalize external messages, so I am making an attempt to hit you right between the eyes… short but sweet.

My 1-Minute Marketing Memos will be designed to call your attention to an important aspect of your life and/or business, and to leave you with a thought or two to get you through the day thinking positively and with a bounce in your step.

You won’t be identifying with every single message, but I am betting the majority of these “minutes” will be meaningful to your future’s eating habits.

I’ll hand you the ball. You decide if you want to run with it. (Sorry! A reference from my football days.)

I am excited about this new format and invite your daily, weekly and monthly input. 


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  1. Mistakes are nothing more than opportunities in disguise

We all make mistakes and many of them can prove to be quite costly, or at the very least embarrassing. As mad as your clients may get as a result of one of your goofs, deep down they realize that you are human and that you are also prone to slight miscues now and then.

The secret is to recognize these errors for what they are. If nobody died and you have not received a call from a lawyer, chances are you are in good position to benefit from your oversight.

In short, how you respond to mistakes and what you do next can significantly determine how a future relationship may unfold. Please, no finger pointing and no excuses. Just acknowledge the error and immediately go to work remedying the snag. Then, after learning everything there is to learn, decide never to make this same mistake again.

If, by chance, your client decides to terminate the business relationship based on this mistake, and you did all you could do to fix it, it just might be a blessing in disguise. If this is the case, you resort to your two-word battle cry: “Who’s next?


Mike Marchev
Mike Marchev is a down-to-earth motivating sales trainer, author and business coach who specializes in the travel industry.

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