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Out of the Mouths of Babes

I recently spotted a headline that read, “Young entrepreneur has business bean for marketing coffee.”

The article was about a ten-year-old boy named Stephen who was running a three-person business from his front lawn while learning about the rudiments of turning a buck. Little does he know that what he is learning today will serve him well for the next 50+ years.

Says the young man: “It takes a lot of hard work to show up every morning.” There are literally thousands of adults today who were apparently sick on the day this lesson was taught. FACT: Too many of today’s working class reluctantly show up for work physically, but remain in the sack mentally.

Listen to his take on customer service:

To keep customers coming back (it appears he already understands the primary purpose of a business), Stephen said he started with a business plan that included training for his three paid employees. What a novel idea! Do you mean that it is a good idea to train your people? Now this kid is miles ahead of the curve.

Get a load of this comment from the next potential Bill Gates: “Employees are expected (1) to be nice to customers; (2) be quick because people might be in a rush; (3) be on time for work, and (4) get the orders right.”

This kid is in the fifth grade and he is successfully running a business from his front yard thanks to a few time-proven business-building principles. And you tell me how rough it is out there. Maybe all you need is a lesson or two from a 10-year old.


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Let me recap before we go to market this week.

  1. Show up for work. (Both physically and mentally.)
  2. Train your employees. (On the basics, then review the basics again.)
  3. Treat your customers well. (Just as if they were the ones with the wallets in their pockets)

Out of the mouth of babes. Stephen, I think you are my new hero.


Mike Marchev

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