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Patience Is a Virtue

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything we wanted, and everything we tried for could be ours… instantly? I venture to say that this would be true, but not for long.

Songs have been written reminding us that “it is the journey” that is worthy of the effort. “It is the climb” according to Miley Cyrus. This song still happens to be one of my favorite tunes.

If anything is learned, as we gain more experience and have more birthdays along the way, it is that nature takes its time and things always take longer than first imagined.

Technology seems to be working its hardest to dissuade us from allowing things to run their course. If an Internet connection takes longer than 2 seconds to connect us with our Facebook page, we begin to have mental breakdown. (Sad but more true than fiction.)

Who ever coined the phrase “you have to walk before you run” had the process figured out early in life. Anybody who has accomplished anything of value knows the importance of letting things unfold in their own natural rhythms.

The unwritten secret, however, is that patience in and of itself will not pay the rent. You have to initiate the action plan, the recipe, the formula before you can step back and observe the fruit of your labors.

Here is another worn-torn phrase that might help clarify today’s message: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Huh?

Action: Leading the horse to water. Putting it in a position where drinking is a definite option.

Patience: Stroking its neck and whispering sweet nothings in its ear until it is bored to tears and opts for a little H2O. Or, feed it a few salt tablets to help conjure up a little thirst.

In both cases, you sit back and wait to see what happens before moving on to Plan “B.”


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