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Surveys. Yes or No?

Chances are that if you are like me you are fed up with receiving unsolicited surveys in your email inbox. In the vast majority of instances, you immediately hit the delete button. But let’s stop and think about this.

All the supplier is trying to do is identify where they are doing things right and where they could use a little improvement. That does not make them bad people. If they are like you, they treasure the opinion of their customers.

Bottom Line: Surveys are good things.

The sender does not expect a 100% return. But they are receptive to customer input. And here is the self-serving idea. Fill it out. That alone will position you as somebody special in the supplier’s mind. But don’t stop there. Write a personal note about your personal experience. This will raise you to the top of the pile.

Behind the survey is a person – and most people are craving for a little attention. Give it to them. And guess what. Regardless of their service, chances are they have a family who travels now and then. Are you hearing me?

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Don’t include your sales pitch. Just position yourself as a good, hard-working, honest, and sincere individual who appreciates good service and expects to receive what is promoted. Then let the cards fall where they may.


Mike Marchev
Mike Marchev is a down-to-earth motivating sales trainer, author and business coach who specializes in the travel industry.

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