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The Old-Fashioned Letter

Call me out of touch with reality or just place me in the “fossil” category, but I think a well-crafted personal letter still has a place in our business environment. Emails are easy. Texts are fast. But the letter is focused and sincere.

When you take the time to write me a letter you are saying that I am important to you and worth a few minutes of your time. I like that.

Today’s reminder is not a lesson in penmanship or creative word placement. I am blowing in your ear to remind you that if you want to get somebody’s attention the old fashion way, write them a letter.

The content of your letter may be to thank somebody, invite them to an event, or introduce a new product or service. There are many good reasons to write to your prospects and clients.

As this New Year unfolds, try writing one letter a week to somebody. After you recognize the method behind this madness you will find yourself wanting to write more. (And like everything else, the more you write the better you will get at writing.) Who knows, maybe there is a book in you just waiting to pop.
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Mike Marchev

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