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Who Is Your Real Competition?

This may sound like an obvious question. “Anybody who sells travel.”, is probably your knee-jerk response. Other travel agencies, as well as the suppliers themselves. Some of you might even cast dispersions toward the internet. And I would quickly tell you that you would be wrong in each and every case.

Your competitors may not even be people. Your competitors may be “things.” For example: granite counters; new refrigerators; private french lessons; a personal training coach; or braces for the kids.

I like to refer to these options as “opportunity costs.” What could I do with the money, if we did not take that river cruise down to Budapest? Given the current set of circumstances, what is the most effective and prudent way to spend this money?

As an experienced, seasoned, knowledgeable, street-savvy and customer-oriented sales professional, it is your job to determine what are the real concerns and options your prospects are dealing with. Only then can you address their very real concerns with a case worth listening to.

And quite frankly, in some instances the wisest choice is to buy that new refrigerator before the milk turns sour.

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Mike Marchev

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