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Break Away From Your Comfort Zone

Somewhere along the way, we have all grown self-important as we find ourselves becoming entrenched in the day-to-day activities of office work. The vacation, somewhere along the way, has taken a back seat to “business as usual.”

This is a huge error in judgment. We have become too busy to care for the only differentiating factor we have, ourselves. I have no intention of waxing eloquent by suggesting you do something that is totally out of the realm of possibility. (New year’s resolutions are made from such nonsense, and I refuse to play a role in this act of futility in February.)

My recommendation? Take a walk. A daily walk is not a luxury, my out of shape friends. It is a necessity if you want to be at your best throughout the week, month, and years to come. You must get into the habit of getting out of your office for the next 60-days to take daily walks. You pick the time. You pick the place. You decide if you want to go it alone or not. The secret is to walk. Get out and move.

Don’t concentrate on anything but walking. The positive effects of this self-indulgent behavior will appear by themselves. Your mind will take over and exciting ideas, solutions, thoughts, and remedies will pop into frame. Don’t force it.

The simple walk has refined itself over the past 500 years and it works without much practice. Human beings were made to move and move we must. Just start moving (walking) every day, and you will soon be benefiting from this mindless task.

You might be wondering how far to walk? Walk as far as you like.

When you start getting tired, turn around and walk back to your starting point. The idea is to distance yourself from your daily routine and begin noticing and enjoying the world around, grabbing some exercise, and inhaling some fresh air. Your mind will kick in when it is ready. The walk is like priming the creativity pump.

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A close relative to the walk is the shower. Water bouncing off your body does wonders for the creative mind. Showers also work without thinking on purpose. The single snag here is that you must “power shower” alone if you are seeking the true benefits. (Sorry.) The walk, on the other hand, can become a group activity.

Don’t make this creativity thing harder than it has to be. All you have to do is take a walk or a shower on a regular basis and you will arrive at all answers you need.

It is time to re-energize yourself. Begin the process as soon as you can. Take a walk. Take a shower. Enjoy!


Mike Marchev

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