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Show Sincere Interest and Build Your Knowledge Bank

Today’s article at first may appear to be an attempt at stating the obvious with no particular message of value. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There’s an old saying reminding us that if we want to be considered as an interesting person, we must first become interested in others. The sad, but true, commentary is that most people don’t listen while they wait for their turn to speak. This practice could be considered as “business suicide.” Not only is it painfully obvious to the person currently speaking, but it also carries negative brownie points when it comes to building a relationship.

You already know what you know. The trick is to find out what others know, think, and feel. The secret is to get them talking. Your job is to become sincerely interested in the meaning of the words coming out of their mouth. Although rarely practiced to any degree of efficiency, this important skill is a lot easier said than done.

I think the word sincere carries the most weight in today’s article headline. Are you sincerely interested in the well being of your clients and prospects? Do you sincerely want to find ways to help others enjoy their next vacation? Are you sincere in trying to find ways to make the lives of your customers easy and more enjoyable? Are you sincerely sincere in your efforts to strengthen the current relationship with your prospects and clients? Only you can answer this.


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And what about knowledge? Are you finding time each and every day to learn more about your selected niche as it relates to the travel industry? What books are you reading that will help you understand the buying habits of people in this highly competitive environment of ours? What webinars, seminars, and workshops are you planning to attend in the next six months before using the information learned to position yourself as the expert in your market?

If this sounds like a daunting task, it is… because it is a daunting task. Becoming the best at what you do is not easy and is not supposed to be simple. But that being said, if you devote just a little time each and every day to improve your product knowledge, you’ll soon be finding yourself to be the undisputed leader in your category.


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