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The Alps in Italy: Cortina


When most people think of Italy, they think of the rolling vineyards, Roman monuments, and boats in place of cars meandering down canals. While these are sights to be found in this romantic country, the border it shares with Switzerland and Austria has a very different feel. Here, in the northeast where the iconic Alps carry down, sits Cortina d’Ampezzo (commonly known as simply Cortina). A jet set destination since the 18th century, it has been an all-year-long destination for quite some time.

Cortina sits in a valley surrounded by the Dolomites, a mountain range perfect for summer and winter sports. The winter brings powdered slopes perfect for skiing or snowboarding. These are perfect for beginners and experts, with wide nursery runs to start out. In fact, the Winter Olympics of 1956 were held in Cortina. Cruising down the mountains around Cortina gives the traveler a breathtaking experience – and not just because of the altitude or exercise.

The town centre of Cortina is calm and features 18th-century architecture. Here, the restaurants and shops are geared towards an experience – one of relaxation. This centre, comprising only one main street, is quaint. Lodging is easy and often of a higher caliber. Spa and wellness centers are found all throughout the town, a perfect end to a hard day of hitting the slopes.

But Cortina’s allure does not end when the snow melts in the coming summer. Mountain biking trails offer up an opportunity for adventure seekers, with routes in the higher altitudes featuring phenomenal views and challenging downhill routes for the more daring. And, there even some that take the adventure even further by rock climbing and base jumping (aka. skydiving from tall structures such as cliffs and mountains). The lush greenery, stark peaks, and pleasant blue of alpine lakes will please even the most well-traveled.

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One of the more majestic sights of Cortina is a phenomenon known as enrosadira. This takes around sunrise and sunset, where the sun hits the cliff faces and peaks to create a glowing canvas. This is because the minerals (magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate) reflect the light back as mixtures of yellow, red, pink and violet – depending on the time of year. Regardless of when they are witnessed, this happening has been called one of the more magical experiences by travelers.

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