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The Southern Charms of the Lower Mississippi


The southern United States is a destination of lush landscapes and rich history, from mighty oaks decorated with hanging Spanish moss to music that has remained soulful through time. One of the more prominent sights in the South is where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico. An area that has been historically diverse in cultures, which often means phenomenal food and a variety of unique experiences. the traveler can take their time on a riverboat cruise along one of the most iconic rivers in the United States.

The South is more than just great food and exciting streets.  one of the most defining moments in American history, the Civil War. The Mississippi River was strategic in the Civil War, making its banks and nearby areas perfect for exploring the battlegrounds of where the war was waged. One must-see destination is Vicksburg National Military Park, where onsite historians take the traveler on an exploration of the grounds based on group interests.



In Louisiana, New Orleans is the city that gets most of the attention. But Baton Rouge has its own charm. The city currently hosts about 10 breweries and distillers, making it a perfect stop to see a part of the growing craft industry that has begun to rise in popularity in the U.S. Baton Rouge’s largest brewery is the Tin-Roof Brewing Co., making everything from IPA’s to pale ales to stouts. The Three Roll Estate is known for producing an Agricole rum from fresh sugarcane. For these, and more, tours through each demostrate the process of creating these libations – with a bit of tasting and good times along the way.


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As the Mississippi River was one of the only trading and transportation route for centuries, plantations that produced various products emerged along the banks. One of the more notable plantations is the Oak Alley Plantation. The entrance to the grounds is a long road covered by a canopy of oak trees, creating what seems to be a natural hallway. Sugarcane is still grown and processed on the grounds. Whether the traveler goes for the immaculately kept gardens, the grand canopy of oak trees, or even the blacksmith shop with live demonstrations – a deep sense of history is present in the aesthetic and happenings of this plantation.


When it comes to the lower Mississippi River, its history is as deep as the waters. That’s why American Cruise Lines is offering up the best in cruising of this historic and scenic river. Culinary Cruises that delight the taste buds with a unique mixture of southern cuisine, and Music Cruises which expose the traveler to the blues and jazz of the South. No matter which slice of life the traveler wishes to experience, American Cruise Lines has the covered.


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