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Are You as Lazy as Your Clients?


I have gone on record to say that I believe most people are lazy. I didn’t just infer it, I said it loud and clear. I have recently been thinking about that. I have been wondering if I should rescind my comment. After all, I would hate to think that you would stop reading my column based on an opinion of mine. I asked myself, “Should I apologize?”

My answer? No way.

So, as not to upset the majority of my readers, I will try to remain somewhat politically correct today – while delivering yet another “career-altering” reminder.

I looked up the word “lazy” in the dictionary and found it to mean “indolent.” That didn’t help much, so I decided to turn to the “synonym approach.” Lethargic, idle, and sluggish popped into frame. Those are words I can wrap my arms around.

These words are not flattering, yet I am afraid they do define a whole genre of people milling around your particular marketplace. I am not going to explain why I feel this is so. I will just reiterate that I believe that it is so.

More importantly and more on point, I want to suggest (highly recommend) that you do not fall into this category yourself. What the world does not need is another lethargic, idle, and sluggish travel professional.


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But, if these less than attractive words define a number of your clients, you are faced with a choice. You can identify this as a challenge and do what you can to “flip” these clients by blasting them with your skill and acumen while sculpting their next vacation… or you can elect to distance yourself from them as a preventative measure to insure you do not fall into their net. I suggest you give option “A” a shot before throwing in the towel.

When asked for an antonym for the word “lazy”, I found the word “energetic.” Now you’re talking! This defines you to a “T.” You are happening. You are eager. You are skillful and prepared to ply your trade at a moment’s notice. You are good. You are anything but “lazy.”

You know what I think? I think, if you bring your “A-game” to a lazy client, you just might find your mojo will rub off on them – and they, in turn, will begin to act more like you. How cool would that be? Do you think it is worth a shot? I do.


Mike Marchev

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