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Do Not Ever Count Yourself Out

The Olympics are truly special times every few years. I was once watching an event that resembled cross-country skiing. And, as it is only fair, when you take a group of international, world-class athletes, you put the bumper crop of superior athletes in the front – so the second tier of world-class athletes do not screw things up.

The gun sounds, and like it is often the case when you have a group of world-class athletes trying to accomplish their life-long dream, somebody errs, and then more err until you have one giant err.

The guy wearing Bib #4 was one of the favorites and competitors from all over the globe were trying to ski over him, through him, under him, and around him. This was not a pretty sight.

This guy was pulling snow out of his ears a full 3-seconds into the race, not to mention actively dodging the pointed end of the poles from eight other competitors (Two per).

But, (and this is why I love the Olympics) while the world was feeling sorry for the mug wearing Bib #4, he had other thoughts in mind. (Oh, did I mention that after he grabbed his composure and got back on his feet, he realized that he had broken his ski during the NASCAR-type pile up?) When it rains, it pours.


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I saw #4 go from dead last to second from dead last. He earned my admiration right then and there. But, this guy had his mojo working, and soon he was third from last. I was not on the edge of my seat yet, but I was taking smaller sips of beer looking over the rim of my beer can.

Bib #4 was in the race and he somehow managed to finish second, earning (and I do mean earning) a silver medal.

Olympic-Size Lesson: Hey! Do not ever count yourself out. Even after getting run over by a handful of macho Olympians wearing tights and funny hats. What ever it is you are doing in life or in business, “it ain’t over till it is over,” Yoga Berra once said.


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