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Don’t Mess Up Your Future


I came across this old message and thought I would give it a new slant, given our new and challenging set of circumstances.

If there is any room today for some good unsolicited advice here, it is: If you don’t want to regret your past, don’t mess up your future. The choice is up to you.

During these unprecedented times, I hope you have taken some time to reflect on both the good and the bad as it unfolds everyday. I hope you are learning from the bad and are motivated as a result of the possibilities.

I am often reminded of a sound bite from the popular comedian Woody Allen, who once went on the record to say, “I feel I had grandiose plans for myself when I started. I have not lived up to all of them. I’ve done some things that are perfectly nice. But I had bigger plans. What makes it double poignant for me is that I never was denied the opportunity. The only thing standing between me and greatness was me.”

And I dare say, even with the challenges being thrown at you each and everyday, the only thing standing between you and greatness is you.

As trying as these days may appear, you are standing before a clean canvas. You have the entire rest of your life to sink, swim, or tread water – and you have little time to waste. The time to decide how you present yourself to your world is now. Just as 9/11 came and went in a blink of a historical eye, 2020 is sure to pass just as quickly. Let me help you decide: You are going to swim and you are going to benefit from the weight of this crisis.


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Regardless of the size, depth or girth of your goals, written or unwritten, the time is ideal to get moving towards your soon-to-be accomplishment. It is not time to fold your tent.

Think about whether you are supporting your cause or mentally standing in your own way. Maybe it is not the circumstances; maybe it is not the virus itself. Maybe it’s not your employees or competition. It could be… you … and the way you are internalizing this hurdle .

And if it is you, it is high-time that you get out of your own way. You have every opportunity to make your life something you can be proud of. Sure, you are currently in the middle of a bad situation.

Starting today however, start making your future work for you. It is time to get out of your own way and stop wasting a single minute on your self-inflicted pity party. Yesterday is gone and a very bright future is waiting for you. The ball is in your court.

Mike Marchev

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