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Downtown Travel is currently the most comprehensive travel supplier in the US. Going on its 33rd year of uninterrupted growth, Downtown Travel is poised to be the number one household name in the B2B travel market! Downtown Travel, also known as the Downtown Travel Group, has not only expanded vertically in the consolidator market but also horizontally through its 4 divisions, Consolidator, Group Department, and Holidays with Downtown!

As a consolidator, Downtown Travel offers contracts with over 100 airlines, including all of the international American carriers and all the top foreign ones. This brings travel agents the best airline portfolio putting at their disposal millions of commissionable and net fares. Its global contracts with all airline alliances help travel agents book the most convenient itineraries for their clients using multiple carriers without increasing the ticket price. Registered travel agents may access Downtown Travel’s website to consult commission tables to determine the best earnings, book flights and even earn high commissions on car rental bookings. If you’re not yet a subscriber go to fill-in the info and submit the form.

The best staffed Group Department in the US, has access to the same portfolio for groups of 10 or more passengers and save agents from thousands of dollars in group deposits, in most cases. By taking over the operational tasks from the travel agent and easing their cash flow, travel agents can use their freed time to sell more. Agents also save in domestic groups as Downtown Travel charges less for ticketing than airlines do! If you are working on a group send a message to or call 1.855.558.0221.

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For those not wanting to spend precious time doing search after search in their GDS and, certainly, for those who don’t even have one, TheBestAgent.Pro is the tool for you. Completely portable on any web platform, this simple and intuitive point-and-click booking engine doesn’t require any knowledge of cryptic commands or even travel jargon. Displaying hundreds, of available air itineraries in less time than it takes to make one single search in any GDS, this engine is a real PRO tool for the effective and competitive travel agent. TheBestAgent.Pro refreshes its fares every day to make available the best existing fares, most of which are not available to the public or even in other booking engines! You can start anytime by going to and clicking Register Agent, Register Agency or Register Consortium according to your status.

If you have a leisure request for individuals or for a group you need to contact Holidays with Downtown. We are a global wholesaler that currently offers programs in over 80 countries, 375 programs and group itineraries ready for you to book or to customize to fit the needs and desires of your clients. Moderately priced scheduled departures, regular private tours, special packages for notable hotels, FIT’s ranging from just bare bones to deluxe sophisticated itineraries including private chauffeur and concierge are available both on the website or by contacting one of our specialists. Christian, Catholic, Jewish, African Heritage, gastronomy and Festivals are all themes that our leisure department handles on a regular basis.

No itinerary or group is too small or too large for us to handle. Please visit our website at or call 1.855.55.TOURS (1.855.558.677)

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