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Hooray For The Seasons!


As I was admiring the flight of a recent golf shot, I couldn’t help but notice the bright blue sky, the luscious green surroundings, and the white little ball heading in the right direction for a change. When Ponce De Leon named Florida “The Sunshine State” he knew exactly what he was talking about.

But today’s message has nothing to do with Florida, golf, or whether the Mets have a snowballs chance in hell to win the pennant come September. It has everything to do with the way things work… and should work… and more often than not, do work.

This particular warm day simply served as a reminder of how cold and unpredictable it can get in the northern states this time of year. This brought a smile to my face, because it is supposed to be cold up that way. When I lived in New Jersey, I knew that the snow would bring an abundance of melting water – so NJ could honestly be referred to as The Garden State. Further north, I knew the melting snow would fill Lake Otsego – so that I would not have to navigate rocks like I did last summer thanks to a low water level due to a lack of snow last winter. In turn, the frozen lake would kill much of the “stuff” growing below the surface so that next summer the “stuff’ would not foul my propeller like it did last summer.

I find joy in the fact that Mother Nature is doing her thing this year the way she is supposed to do it. That she is “on the case” and life is good.


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But where is the message?

Life, more often than not, unfolds exactly the way it is suppose to unfold. That is, unless you insist on doing something absolutely stupid, like shooting yourself in the foot or putting your own personal spin on the unfolding process.

You are going to enjoy warm days, cold days, good days, and bad days. They are all intertwined and rely on each other in a highly coordinated dance. This is as it should be. This is as it was designed.

So when life seems to be whacking you in the side of the head, don’t despair. Just know that the frozen lake will be killing the algae and preparing you for some smooth pontooning in the not too distant future. Please don’t be confused. Just allow your mind to connect the dots. (I better stop here since I am beginning to confuse myself.)


Bottom Line: Hang in there. You are in for one tremendous joy ride.


NOTE: I appreciate the fact that waxing eloquent about winter in all its glory is a lot easier from a golf course in Florida than it is from the narrow end of a snow shovel in Buffalo, NY. I’m just saying…


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