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I’m Just Saying…


A few personal thoughts from Mike Marchev.

I was lying in bed at 4:15 a.m. this morning with my mind turning to the topic that is on everybody’s mind these days. In one way, shape or form, the Coronavirus is affecting each and every one of us regardless whether you are involved with travel or not.

Under the cover of darkness, I found myself thinking specifically of my travel professional associates and the thought that this “monster” might get a lot worse before it gets better.

But the truth is that it will get better. The truth is that there will be life after COVID-19. The truth is that there will be more pain before there is less pain. But, when this virus strain becomes yesterday’s news, there will be a whole bunch of people ready and eager to make up for lost time. Thousands, if not millions of people will need to refresh, recharge and regain their normal routines. They will begin thinking about that postponed vacation or trip of a lifetime in mass.

My question to you is: Will you be ready and prepared to deal with this onslaught of business? The answer will be an emphatic “NO” if you have elected to feel sorry for yourself and are the host of a prolonged pity-party. The answer will also be “NO” if you don’t take advantage of this new found time to tighten up your company’s expenses, polish a few less-than-adequate sales and marketing skills and take the time to study up on your designated specialty.

No truer words have ever been spoken: “This too shall pass.” And right now is the right time to get ready for what lies ahead for when the sun does come out again.

I am not minimizing or discounting the severity that this ugly situation has had on the people of our world. It is truly a catastrophic occurrence. But somewhere down the road it will come to an end. And I want you to be ready and in position to proactively move forward when it does.

What you can do right now.

  1. Stay alert. Be smart. Remain healthy. (Lots of handwashing)
  2. Be empathetic and easy to work with when it comes to cancellations.
  3. Communicate regularly with your top-tier clients. (All clients)
  4. Examine your expenses line-by-line and trim/cut accordingly.
  5. Keep in touch with your Preferred Suppliers. (They too are hurting)
  6. Take the time to train and educate yourself and your staff.
  7. Draft that article you have been putting off.
  8. Begin taking short walks at lunch. This will provide time to re-energize.
  9. Maintain a positive “can-do” attitude knowing good times lie ahead.

My most often repeated message is: “There are only two types of people in the world. Those you can help, and the other kind.” Similarly, you have only two choices when it comes to working through situations like this. (1) You can do the things that will make a difference. (2) You can sit back and wait for the ship to right itself. Pick one.

The good times will return. The question is: Will you be ready for when they do?


Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev is always looking for a few more proactive travel professionals to join his Sales and Marketing Club. Send for details.



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  1. Finally! A post that actually says something – something really important, too. Instead of another re-hash about ‘woe is (me), (my agency)’ , I am so glad to read thoughts that mirror my own. Thanks, Mike, once again for keeping us focused on what’s important right now.

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