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Let’s go, Virtually

Travel professionals:

It is so important to stay visible to your clients. A calm and helpful voice will be remembered when the situation we find ourselves in normalizes. Please feel free to modify and use the article below in your own blog posts, newsletters and social media in whatever manner works for you. Looking forward to getting on the other side of all this with you.

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Check back as we add more throughout the week. Hang in there!


Richard Earls
Travel Research Online


Dear [Client]

With the world locking down and isolating, does it seem an odd time to be discussing travel? I totally understand why travel, per se, is not top of mind for you or anyone else right now. But with the time lots of us have on our hands, I want to spend a few minutes explaining why travel is pretty high on the list of things we might contemplate for a few moments.

Firstly, some of our best memories are of travel. The vacations we took as children with our parents, the trips we have experienced with our own families and friends. Travel is a part of more than our culture, it is embedded in our very DNA. Travel requires us to endure some discomfort, it teaches us tolerance, patience and perseverance. Humans are a pilgrim species.

There is indeed a spiritual aspect to travel. Though travel is outwardly about transportation, a crossing of borders, lodging and logistics, every journey somehow has an internal component as well, as though some of the borders crossed are interior to our psyche. We long for a horizon that moves one step away from us as quickly as we take a step forward. Yet, when we gaze inward, we find that same horizon there. There is something about travel that involves a defiance of the physical act of travel as though we are participating in a quest for understanding and knowledge as much as accruing milage.

Now, as we find ourselves largely homebound, perhaps it is a good time to evaluate the importance of travel to our psyche, to what it has meant to us in the past to what it will mean to us as things normalize. One way to do so is to use travel to distract us a bit from the day to day routines we are lapsing into in the much smaller world of our homes, and to use the technologies and media to our advantage to visit the world virtually. So for your digital travel adventures over the next few weeks, let me suggest a few of the best opportunities I have encountered as of late:

It’s a big world and we have seen so little of it. There’s more to see, but for now we will make our visit virtually.

Yours in travel,

[Your Name]

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