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Who Are You Working For?


In your presentations, insure your clients that you are working for them.”

One of the reasons why sales has earned such a poor reputation over the years is because the salesperson themselves speak and respond in a self-serving fashion.

One glaring example of this less-than-attractive reputation is the failure to listen to the prospect’s specific needs, wants, and desires. If one had to identify a single missing link in the success chain, it would have to be the skill, or lack, of listening.

When you were communicating with your prospects, be it on paper or verbally, it is in your best interest to make certain that your clients are aware that you have their best intentions in mind at all times. An effective way to convey this relationship is by using the word “you” more than you use the word “I”, “me”, “we”, or “us.”

Another way to prove to your client that you are the “real deal” is with timely follow-up and follow-through. You will make a distinct impression if you also indicate that they are a top priority. You do this by quickly returning phone calls. If you are seeking a single action to position you as a caring business partner… do what you say you’ll do. No exceptions. No excuses.


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If my column is beginning to sound too basic and riddled with fundamentals, then that is a sure sign that I am finally getting through to you. Listen to me when I say, “It is basic. It is fundamental.” Building a business is nothing more or less than a strict adherence to the basics and fundamentals.

Listening to the needs and wants of your clients with follow-through as your positioning battle cry will get you to the “profit land” a lot faster than wishing, hoping, praying, and dreaming.

I suppose there is one more professional habit worth developing which leads directly to you listening and interpreting skills. That involves questioning. Asking your prospects and clients the right questions is a prerequisite prior to your listening.

Basic? I would say so. Fundamental? It doesn’t get more fundamental than this? Smart? You bet your life. Easy? Not so much. Done properly? Rarely.


Mike Marchev

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