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A Burgeoning Travel Technology


The travel industry has seen unprecedented changes in the last couple of weeks. A pandemic we did not expect, nor were prepared for, has the industry holding its breath. But this doesn’t mean the industry has to halt altogether. In fact, Travel World VR has a product that comes into the current picture with a virtual experience to help scratch that travel itch and get travelers ready for the future.

Travel World VR, a part of the Perillo Tours group, is an award-winning leader in video production and distribution.Connected to Perillo Tours from the start, they have the same strong work ethic. Travel World VR is the only travel VR company run by successful and knowledgeable executives of the travel industry who are quite familiar to what travel suppliers need, making them more than prepared to market spectacular destinations in 360°/VR video that will enhance the way that travel is marketed.

Travel World VR has taken note of where the travel industry stands and, as a gesture of goodwill, is now offering free hosting of VR videos from travel service providers (destinations, cruise lines, hotels/resorts/ tour operators, etc.). With VR videos and low-cost headsets, stepping into a burgeoning technology in marketing is easy. The benefits of them hosting your VR video are many:

  • Your videos presented on America’s leading VR travel video app.
  • Exposure in emails to 127,000 travel advisors promoting your video.
  • Exposure in emails to 53,000 Meeting & Incentive planners in North America.
  • Nationwide print and digital travel trade promotions.
  • Your VR video will also appear on Travel WorldVR.com.
  • 10,000 VR headsets distributed to agents nationwide.


They didn’t forget about travel advisors though. Travel World VR is offering up a free customized VR headset. All the advisor has to do to order the headset from our Travel World VR app is search for ‘Travel World VR’ in their app store, download the app, click on the Menu button at the top-left, and request the free VR headset. For additional information, please contact John  C. Graham at Email (johng@travelworldvr.com) or on the their website (https://www.travelworldvr.com/).

These VR tools have a lot of potential for getting clients interested in a destination filmed in 360°/VR video. Not only that, but the advisor can familiarize themselves with a new kind of marketing to help their sales.

And now, we at Travel Research Online are hosting these videos for agents to put on their site. These sales tools are available on our site, on the Virtual Reality Videos page.

When the world returns to normal operation, travelers will be thirsty for the sights and sounds of faraway places. Not only will this help inspire future travel in the meanwhile… but imagine having a head start when it kicks back up, by being able to give them a little taste of this gorgeous planet in an immersive way. This is the magic Travel World VR has in mind, and it looks like this technology is about due for its day in the sun.


For more information on Travel World VR, please visit https://www.travelworldvr.com/


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