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A Lesson From A Woman’s Hair Salon


I am not suggesting you do this. I am suggesting you listen to this idea and see if it stimulates a few ideas of your own.

The story takes place in New Providence, New Jersey and, like many towns today trying to cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic, this particular salon was ordered to close. This particular establishment was quite large as salons go, with 27 full-time employees. That spells a lot of overhead.

The owner had an idea. She printed a 20% discount coupon for particular treatments and offered it to clients who drove past her salon for a curbside handoff.


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These coupons would be honored upon reopening. One day result: $1000 in sold coupons.

This, to me, smacked of a woman who was not going to sit back and watch her business go down the tubes. She cut her and painted nails. You plan dreams and manage details.

I am hoping this true example stimulates your personal imagination. Be sure to let me know what you come up with. Keep thinking. Keep moving. We will get through this.


Mike Marchev

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