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Be “Useful”


Let’s agree to keep our time together on point and simple. Here are three words that will turn your life around: Become More Useful.

Concentrate on the word useful. Become more useful. Don’t try to sell more. Don’t try to find more business. Just try to become more useful.

A person who is nice to be around, easy to be around, fun to be around is a person worth being around. (That’s as deep as I get.) Make it your business to be that person. Become useful.

This is a very important word – useful is what we want to be. And to do so, we must sometimes go against the grain. You don’t want to be like everybody else, because everybody else is not useful. In fact, most people (most of the time) are boring. (How is that observation coming from a motivational speaker? Bottom Line: I call ‘em like I see ‘em and I promise you I will continue to do so.)

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Cross over that imaginary line now and then. Step out of the box once in a while. Bring your individual personality into play. That’s what I’m asking you to do – give your personality permission to approach the marketplace with honesty and sincerity. Be the weirdo that you are, if that is what the situation calls for. To hell with “political correctness.” Be you. Be proud of being you. The world needs “you” more than they need another politically correct boring, whining, negative slug. And think about it. You have to be you. Everybody else is already taken.


Mike Marchev

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