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Better – Neutral or Worse?


There are only three things that can happen when you meet people for the first time. They can feel better having met you, they can feel worse having met you, or the fact that they met you did not sway their opinion of you one-way or the other.

I don’t believe anybody thinks about these three options when being introduced to a stranger. They just go with the flow, and let the cards fall where they may. This is not the way that helps position you as the future go-to resource.

Your strategy is to act, do, and say what will catch the attention of your new acquaintance resulting in a favorable outcome. To make other people glad they know you calls for a 3-step procedure. (1) Look them in the eye, (2) Ask them questions, (3) Listen intently before asking more questions.

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Absurdly elementary you say? Absolutely, I say. A simple plan consisting of just three steps is all you need to start distancing yourself from the competition.

I challenge you. Give this a try for two weeks. You can thank me later.


Mike Marchev

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