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Today’s reminder covers two areas of direct importance. (1) Marketing and (2) Operations.

Marketing: A common malady of all entrepreneurs, from all industries, is when they start feeling they are leaving money on the table when they pass up incoming opportunities. This is both natural and understandable. It is also a huge mistake.

You have all heard it said before in many ways, by many so-called marketing gurus: “You can’t be all things to all people.” Just like the practice of multi-tasking has resulted in multiple screw-ups, you trying to position yourself as the magic pill is an exercise in futility.

The answer lies within the context of “discipline.” You MUST learn to focus your attention on those prospects and customers who appreciate and rely on your expertise.

The acronym WIN enters the discussion. WIN stands for What’s Important Now.

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Allow the trivial to come and go and focus on that which is important at this moment in time.

Operations: Pay attention to the task at hand. Try very hard to eliminate distractions and the urge to do two things at once. Focus on the project at hand.

Write what you are writing. Listen to whom you are listening to. Read what you are reading. And when you are “thinking”… think.

If there is a close second to the important skill of listening, it has to be focusing. Everybody knows how to spell it. Very few people know how to do it.


Mike Marchev

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